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Having a winning relationship is like driving a car at night. You can only observe as far as your headlights shine up ahead, & you can make the complete trip that way. When you see a bang in the road or have to take a detour, you simply make a mutually positive adjustment and keep on going!

Couples need to go through the ups and downs, understanding the sadness and revel in the successes of their relationship in order to rise. Promise to finish the journey, come what May, nurtures the love needed to turn up there together.

When the relationship is overwrought, it is habitually difficult to be your own person. Sometimes you may experience that if you don't do what your partner wants you to do, he/she will be disturbed and become even more far away. This is where agreements are significant. Agree to permit each other to create your own choices, first for yourself and then for the relationship. Keep in mind, women usually react most to a man's action or lack of action. Men usually respond most to a woman's attitude. So now you know what you need to work on. Women - Approach. Men - Accomplishment.

Give each other opportunity to grow. Take time to be yourself with your thoughts. This is another way to be there to your needs.

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